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Write a letter to you elected officials

Available on this page is a downloadable draft letter to send to your elected officials. We suggest you do one of the following:

- Copy it as is, sign it and send it. This is the least effective way to pressure your elected officials, but it is far better than doing nothing. Volume counts.

- Change it in any way you want, sign it and send it. Use the draft letter as a template. Include a personal connection you have, or a few facts you find interesting.

- Compose your own letter. This will send the strongest message to politicians. We have listed Here some points you might want to include. Pick and choose. Nuclear Waste is a complex issue. Learn more and include that information in your letter.

Download a copy of the draft letter:
Microsoft Word (.doc) | HTML

If you are unsure of who your Representative is, or to find the address, visit http://www.house.gov/writerep/. To find the address for your Senator, visit http://www.senate.gov/.

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