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Full Cost Accounting Study

The Coalition, in partnership with Citizens' Environmental Coalition and Nuclear Information and Resource Service, has received substantial funding through Sen. Cathy Young for a full cost accounting study of the West Valley site. The study will be performed by Dr. Frank Ackerman of Tufts University, Dr. William Steinhurst and Mr. Bruce Biewald of Synapse Energy Economics, and Dr. Michael Wilson of SUNY Fredonia.

The WV site has environmental and economic impacts on the entire Western New York region and Great Lakes Basin Area. Early next year, DOE is expected to release its revised Draft EIS (the final cleanup plan) for public comment. The waste at WV will be radioactive for tens of thousands of years, and it is essential to have an independent full-cost accounting study that will comprehensively evaluate the costs of various cleanup options, including the true costs of monitoring and maintaining buried waste over a long time period.

This study also will evaluate site erosion factors and the adequacy of the site-wide erosion control proposal. This type of economic and geological analysis will not be included in DOE's study. Furthermore, it is important to provide an independent analysis at this critical juncture.

We believe the FCA study is a useful investment of taxpayer funds to ensure that the public and policymakers have comprehensive information on the economic consequences of WV cleanup options before determining the final cleanup method. We had asked the WNY delegation of the NYS legislature to consider our request to obtain funding for a WV Full Cost Accounting Study and are especially grateful to Sen. Young for the amount she has been able to provide.

West Valley, NY